“At some point, there needs to be some sort of reversal on how we multiply and how we work with the earth. For instance, when someone senselessly likes a certain kind of tropical wood table in their room, how does it dramatically change a whole future for things that haven't been discovered yet? And that's where education comes in. If we were all educated on what really counts, then our heads would be in different places when we go to the furniture store.”

                                                            River Phoenix – US September 1991

Photographs by John Moran

Photographs taken by John Roca in New York's Central Park

Photographs by Bruce Weber

Photographs by Stephen Ellison

Photographs by Nancy Ellison

Photographs by Nancy Ellison

Photographs taken by Timothy White in New York City May 1988

Photographs by Nancy Rica

Photographs by Bruce Weber

Photograph by Gus Van Sant

Photographs by Lance Staedler

Photographs by Steve Granitz

Photographs by Mark Contratto

Photographs by Peggy Sigota

Photographs by Matthew Rolston

Photographs by John Huba

Photographs by Cesare Bonazza

Photograph by Henry McGee

Photographs by Ben Mark Holzberg

Photographs by Diego Uchitel

Photographs by Michael Tighe


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