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October 31, 1993 


Books - There have been many books hit the shelves over the years where you can find information about River Phoenix.  Some are Biographies about River's life, some are photo books devoted entirely to River, some only devote a page or so to River and some only just mention him.  Many of these books are still available for purchase, but some of them are Out of Print and still others are from other countries like Japan and therefore hard to find. Please click on the link below for a list of Books that I know about that are related to River:


Cds - Did you know that River's band Aleka's Attic performed songs that can be found on 2 Animal Rights CDs or that he recites a poem on a song called Curi Curi?  All three of these CDs are still available, if not new then used. Click on the link below and check them out:



Calendars - A company named Oliver Books put out a few wall calendars devoted to River over the years, but unfortunately they are no longer producing them.  You can still find the old ones from time to time however if you look hard enough or are just very lucky.  If you would like to know which years I've been able to find, click on the link below:



Photos - Are you looking for glossy photos of River to add to your collection?  Click on the link below to see a few movie/photo stores I've found online that have photos of River for sale:



Posters - Are you looking for a poster of River to purchase or just wanting to see the various movie posters?  Click here to see what I've been able to find regarding both:



Magazines - Are you trying to track down some old magazines with interviews and photos of River?  Well, here's the place to start. Used magazine stores usually require you to give them the name and date of the magazine you are looking for.  Click below to view a list of the magazines I have purchased over the years:



VHS and DVDs - Are you looking to purchase some of River's movies?  Click below for a list of what I've found on both VHS (NTSC only) and DVD (Worldwide):


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