The Biographies

In Search of River Phoenix: The Truth Behind the Myth by Barry C. Lawrence.  Foreword by William Richert - This is by far the best researched biography on River.  It also has a lot of rare photos.


River Phoenix: Hero & Heartthrob by Grace Catalano – This was the only biography that was written before River's death.

River Phoenix: The Biography by John Glatt

Lost In Hollywood: The Fast Times and Short Life of River Phoenix by John Glatt

River Phoenix: A Short Life by Brian J. Robb

They Died Too Young: River Phoenix by Penny Stempel – Mini-book

They Died Too Young: River Phoenix by Penny Stempel – Larger version of Mini-book, but photos are fuzzy.

Running on Empty: The Life and Career of River Phoenix by John L. Barker

The River Phoenix Album by Penelope Dening


Japanese Photo Books

River Phoenix: Forever

Lonely Boy: River Phoenix

In Memory of River Phoenix 1970-1993

River Phoenix

Keanu Reeves & 7 Rebels

River Phoenix, Ke Huy Quan, Corey Feldman, Cory Haim


Legend of River Phoenix. Measures approximately 9 x 11 3/4 inches.

Cool.  8 pages of this book are devoted to River. Measures approximately 6 x 7 inches.


Photography Books

BRANDED YOUTH and other Stories by Bruce Weber – One very nice full page b&w photo of River.

108 PORTRAITS GUS VAN SANT – 1 B&W full page photo of River.

SO80S By PATRICK MCMULLAN—There are two large b&w photos of River in this book.

SHOOTING STARS: Contemporary Glamour Photography by Ricky Spears – One very nice full page b&w photo of River.

Starlet FIRST STAGE AT THE HOLLYWOOD DREAM FACTORY – Photographs by NANCY ELLISON – Two very nice b&w photos of River.  One is full page.

TIMOTHY WHITE PORTRAITS - One very nice full page color photo of River.

Elements of Style by Phillip Bloch - One very nice full page color photo of River.


Books about Actors/Actresses that have died

The HOLLYWOOD BOOK OF DEATH –  4 pages with 1 small b&w photo of River from Little Nikita.

Dead Before Their Time by Diana Karanikas Harvey and Jackson Harvey—About 1 1/2 pages are dedicated to River’s death which includes 1 small color photo.

THEY DIED TOO YOUNG: THE BRIEF LIVES AND TRAGIC DEATHS OF THE MEGA-STAR LEGENDS OF OUR TIME – 4 pages with 1 full page color photo and 3 smaller photos.


Miscellaneous Books

FIRST FILMS—2 pages are devoted to River.

PREMIERE FILM CUTS Classic Movie Writing – This was a free gift with the November 1994 issue of PREMIERE.  It has a little over 11 pages of River interviewing Gus Van Sant.

GUS VAN SANT Even Cowgirls Get the Blues & My Own Private Idaho (Softback - 1993) – Has some small unusual b&w photos of River from the film/filming of My Own Private Idaho and a few small b&w photos of his sister Rain from Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO Gus Van Sant (Softback - 1993) - This book was later republished in the book above, with the part (text and photos) that applies to MOPI being the same.

PREGNANCY, CHILDREN, and the VEGAN DIET by Michael Klaper, M.D. – One almost full page fabulous b&w photo of each Phoenix child.

R.E.M: Inside Out by Craig Rosen – One very nice full page color photo of River.

Did He or Didn’t He? The Intimate Sex Lives of 201 Famous Men—There is one page devoted to River.

Young Hollywood by James Cameron-Wilson – 2 1/3 pages with 4 small b&w photos.  One photo is from Jimmy Reardon, one is from Stand by Me, one is from I Love You to Death and the other is from My Own Private Idaho.

From ABFAB to ZEN: PAPER’S GUIDE TO POP CULTURE—1 full page b&w photo plus 1 paragraph write-up.

GUS VAN SANT: AN UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY by James Robert Rarish—River is mentioned quite a lot in this book.  Rain and Joaquin are mentioned quite often as well.

The Rolling Stone Film Reader: The Best Film Writing From Rolling Stone Magazine From 1967 to 1996.  Edited by Peter Travers - There are 2 1/2 pages devoted to River in this book.  No pictures.

The Best of the Superstars 1994: The Year in Sex.  Edited by John Patrick. - There are 10 1/3 pages devoted to River in this book, plus some b&w photos of him, which are mostly from My Own Private Idaho.

SCREEN WORLD 1987 FILM ANNUAL by John Willis - There is 1 page devoted to Stand By Me, 1 page devoted to The Mosquito Coast and 1 medium size b&w photo of River in the "Promising New Actors of 1986" section.


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