“We did ten takes of the soliloquy, the last day we shot with him on Dark Blood. It was in this cave, could have been a church. It was all lit by candles. After the last take, I didn't turn off the camera. When I realized it was running, I turned it off. When we saw dailies, for ten seconds River was in front of the camera, just a silhouette lit by ambient light. It was...eerie. For me as a cameraman, I find that strange, the last take. Why I didn't turn the camera off, why there was just enough light in the room to make him a silhouette, why he stood in front of the camera for ten seconds. People were crying. We knew that that was the last we would see of River.”

                                                     Ed Lachman – PREMIERE March 1994



Many thanks to Shirl for allowing me to use one of the photos from her collection on this photo page!  S


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