“She’s this peaceful sweetheart, you know?  But she’s also radical, unpredictable, and she knows how to move mountains if she wants to.  She’s intelligently aggressive toward things she really digs.”

              River Phoenix

“You know, she called herself Rainbow.  It was her stage name.  And I can see rainbow more than rain in her.”

            Gus Van Sant


The Disappearance of Andy Waxman (2004)
Harry and Max (2004)
O (2001)
Sleepytime Gal (2001)
Stranger Inside (2001)
Spent (2000)
Facade (2000)
I Woke Up Early the Day I Died (1998)
To Die For (1995)
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993)
Maid to Order (1987)
Family Ties “Band on the Run” (1987)
Amazing Stories “The Doll” (1986)


Tame Yourself CD—Aleka’s Attic song “Across the Way”
In Defense of Animals Vol. 2 CD—Aleka’s Attic song “Note to a Friend”
Toured as a backup vocalist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers during their 1995-96 “One Hot Minute Tour”
Appears in the REM Video—At My Most Beautiful
Played Keyboards and sang backup vocals under the name “Reign Causey” for The Causey Way
Sang backup vocals on Michael Stipe song “Happiness”
Thermadore: Monkey on Rico CD—sang lead vocals on song “Everything’s Alright”
Toured with The Causey Way and sang background vocals on their album “With Loving and Open Arms”
The Art of Macrame—Nux Vomica songs “Slip Away”, “Suki” and “Commercial Culture”
Nux Vomica: All Purpose Rock CD—Rain does vocals on most of the songs on this album
Sings lead vocals for the group Papercranes.
Sings vocals on Scorched Earth on 60 Channels' Covert Movements


Rain’s comments on her early acting appearances

"Oh god," she groans. "When I did that, I was right in the middle of puberty, and you can see the hormones in my hair. But it's been so long now that it's kind of funny. You know what you're getting into when you do it. It's going to be there forever."


*She was born Rain Joan of Arc Phoenix on 3/31/73 in Crockett, TX,
  but changed her name to Rainbow when she was eleven.

*As a child, to help her family out financially, she and her older brother
  River used to sing on the streets in South America and even
  performed in a concert in Caracas with the ballad singer Jose Luis
  Rodriquez.  They also performed in talent contests, in airports, in
  malls, in front of hotels and on the streets in
Florida and California as
  children as well.

*She sang with her brother River on the television show Fantasy in

*She hasn’t eaten meat or fish since she was 5.

*As a teenager she studied opera at the University of Florida

"I've been singing in front of a lot of people since I was 3.  So in that respect, it was my first love, and acting came along later, when I was 12. Music is definitely something that's part of me. I'm really picky with film; I would rather wait for the right work than to just do anything."

                                                    Rain Phoenix

"The best advice I've ever received is to never do what's on the page," she said, "to look outside the box and not be afraid to believe in yourself."

                                                    Rain Phoenix

"I still use the warm-up exercises before every show. It gives me an extra edge, it gives me more confidence in my work. It definitely helps give me more vibrato when I belt it out.  If I could have split myself in half, I would have liked to have pursued opera. Alas, I got a film at the same time and had to stop. Ultimately, I knew it wasn't something I wanted to do, because it would have taken up all my time."

                                                               Rain Phoenix

Rain's band Papercranes has released an EP and it's now available for purchase on
their website!
(This is by far my favorite of Rain's music so far!  It's wonderful!)



To view the Papercranes in action, check out the video clips on the New York Artist Series web site:




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