"I'm quite in love with the human race and this planet that we live on, and I see life as very fresh and beautiful. People say to me, 'Oh you have the world in your hands' or 'You're young and you have all these opportunities.' But that's not why I feel the way I do.   It's just my reality. I've felt that way before too. Still, I get very frustrated with the pace of life - I want so badly for people just to understand each other and communicate better! With all this technology, that's the best we can do? Pride so often gets in the way, in politics and everywhere else. It's depressing. "But," he concludes, "there's the optimistic side of me too, which believes that we live in an incredible time and that if we all come together on the important issues and stand up for our rights, as Bob Marley said, we could really accomplish a lot. I guess I'm a perfectionist. In my mind, I have all these Utopias and fantasies, but I believe they can work. I really do."

                                                      River Phoenix SKY September 1988











7th Annual Youth in Film Awards (1984 -1985)




8th Annual Youth in Film Awards (1985 -1986)





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