"We handed out Jesus pamphlets, mainly to young people, to get them off drugs, to get them uncorrupted- that was the main goal.  My sister and I both sang. I played guitar. We were a cute duo-I was five and she was three. I would talk over the microphone and say 'God Loves You' in Spanish. 'Hold my hand and I'll take you there.' And I really believed it... I grew up totally cut off from the main world. I was really a different kid. I've been around the movie business, so I can play it cool and all that, but when people are different, they have that off thing about them. Their whole presence is just a little innocent, I think.”

                                                           River Phoenix—ELLE February 1994

"We're the bestest friends. We never fight," insists Rainbow. "We've been close since I was 3. I can remember singing and dancing with him in the streets of Caracas Venezuela [where the family was part of an American religious cult], when he was 6 and I was 5."

                                                       Rain Phoenix at age 15—ym June 1987

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